about Me

- The story -

There's been nothing more satisfying than seeing someone smile after they pick up one of my creations.


I love, love sewing. More like, I love hoarding fabrics and then making something eventually with them, but I love sewing.


But nevertheless, I persist.


It started in my teens with my grandmother's sewing machine. From there it took on a life of it's own.  I crafted mostly after work and early morning hours. Hence, Up "Owl" Night.


Over the years, I've learned a lot, made many friends, and keeping "bringing it" to the sewing table.


You can find me at the local Craft show here and there. Follow on me on my social medias to see where UpOwlNight is headed next.


If you want to find me online, here is where I spend most of my screen time:

Come find me at my day job. I get to be creative most of my work week! :-)